Important Dates for the end of the Fall Semester:: ll on-line check requests for the FALL SEMESTER, must be prepared and approved by Thursday, December 11, 2014. This includes all on-line check requests for any December Cash Advances for the Residence Life area. The last day to submit documentation for PERR Forms, Invoices, Contracts and all other requests will be Thursday 12/18/2014. Documentation received after this date will result in a delay of payment until January 2015. There will be no check processing after Monday December 22, 2014. All Cash advances with a reconciling due date of 30 days or more must be reconciled by Monday 12/15/2014. Should you have an issue with this please email for an extension, if necessary. During the break all check requests that have been submitted on-line to the SABO office prior to year end and documentation has not been received will be cancelled in the SABO system on January 12, 2015. Please be sure to make a note of these important dates. Any questions, feel free to email or call our office. Thank you! SABO Staff

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