A cash advance is a check issued to an individual or vendor BEFORE a purchase is actually made and can be made for any amount.  

  • All individual CASH ADVANCES, require an RU NET ID. 
  • To obtain a cash advance, submit a check request online approved by your organization’s treasurer and your organization’s administrative advisor.
  • Documentation for any cash all valid receipts and contracts must be submitted to SABO within 30 days of the cash advance, any unused funds must also be deposited to SABO.   
  • Cash advances are encouraged any time funds are needed prior to an expenditure being made or whenever personal funds are not available. 
  • Further, cash advances should be requested for any travel or food related expenditures where personal funds are being used or for any type of large expenditure.

We suggest all cash advances and check requests made online are submitted and approved 2 weeks in advance of need to prevent any complications from occurring.